Tablet PC Security Holder & Lock for 10"

Model Name: CPOT-6393L
Features: 1. Security: strong metal frame for ideal theft deterrent.
2. Adjustable: the angel & length of frame can be adjustable for different size of Tablet PC.
3. Universal: suitable for many kinds of Tablet PC (such as Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Fujitsu brands)
4. Simple: Easy to installation.
5. Portable: with heavy duty security cable lock(options: LKCP-6693: 4-dial combination lock or LKCP-7266: key type lock)
6. Stand: can be set up as stand (by lock) for convenient horizontal or vertical view.
7. Patent in USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China.
Descriptions: Tablet PC security systems can be used for a variety of brand models.
Rugged, anti-theft, you get the best security guarantee.
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Length range 25~31 cm
Weight 213 g
Maximum thickness 10 mm
Material Zinc alloy
Weight bearing 25 kg